Sage Herb Box

Do you think you know all there is to know about sage? Think again! The latest educational herb box will introduce you to many different types of sage and the multitude of ways to use it. There is so much to learn beyond culinary sage, and I can't wait to share it with you!


In this box you can expect to receive sage in several forms (dried, tincture, essential oil, etc), all the ingredients and instructions to make an herbal project, and a couple of special goodies featuring sage! You will also receive the sage digital magazine to go along with the box. The project included in this box is a bit different than past boxes and will ask you to use your creative side a bit, I hope it will help connect you with herbs in a new way.


-A quick note about the sage e-zine: It was originally published in 2014, so it looks a little different from more recent e-zines, but the information in it is just as valid and as pertinent as ever! It includes 49 pages of recipes, history, uses, a full monograph, and much more! You will receive the e-zine within 48 hours of purchasing the box. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk box!! I am finding that many of my emails are ending up there, so please add me to your safe list :)

I have these boxes just about completed, and I plan to ship them between February 15th-20th. Due to some supply chain issues, I will only be offering 24 boxes (as opposed to the usual 32!). I am not sure when I will be able to get additional materials in, so if this is a box you want, I recommend ordering early!


*Only availabe in the continental US at this time*

Sage Herb Box




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